Dr. Benoît Côté

Associate Professor

Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Macdonald Campus of McGill University

B.Sc A. (Forestry), Université Laval
PhD (Forest ecology and pedology), Université Laval
PostDoc (Tree ecophysiology), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


My interest for the forest goes back to my childhood when I would spend a good part of my summer vacations at the family cabin located in a middle of a big clearcut in the boreal forest. I have fond memories of my interactions with "real" woodsmen that were spending weeks away from their family in remote forest camps. I learned to fish on rivers and lakes covered with wood logs destined for pulp and paper mills. The mosaic of forests left after harvesting was basically my backyard for years. This provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about the very complex interactions between wildlife and their habitat and experience first-hand what forest succession was about. Some 50 years later, I am still as curious as I was in my tender years about forest ecosystems. My backyard is even bigger now but the inquiry process remains the same. The questions keep changing but most address the issue of sustainability relating to the maintenance of soil fertility and tree/forest nutrition. I invite you to take a look at some of the research being conducted in my laboratory.