Natural Resource Sciences


Dr.G. Dunphy

B.Sc. (1974) University of New Brunswick
M.Sc. (1977) Memorial University, Newfoundland
Ph.D. (1980) Memorial University, Newfoundland
Post Doc. Fellow (1980-82) Queen's University
Reseach associate (1982-86) Simon Fraser University
Industrial Consultant: PheroTech, Wellichem Biotech, HoneyBee Research Inc.
Associate Professor (1987- ) McGill University, Macdonald Campus

Research Interests

Insect immunity - Determining how insects respond to bacteria, fungi and nematodes.  The main emphasis is on the immediate response of the blood cells (hemocytes) and humoral factors (enzymes and other) to the aliens. Developing Galleria as an alternative host for pathogen analysing proteins; use of insect tissue culture in immunity.

Virulence mechanisms of insect pathogenic bacteria -  Emphasis on Xenorhabdus species Phenibacillus larvae and how they tolerate, inhibit and ultimately destroy the insect defenses.

Graduate students: Always seeking self-motivated students with some experience with cell biology, biochemistry or physiology and willing to consider insects as an alternate immunity/host model.

Courses Taught

Insect Pathology (350-600A,B)
Insect Physiology (373-520B)
General Biology (344-120A)
Biocontrol of Pest Insects (350-452A)
Insect Biology and Control (177-350A)

Contact Information


Tel: (514) 398-7903

Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Macdonald Campus of McGill University
21 111 Lakeshore Rd
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