Barbara Frei, PhD candidate

Barbara works on factors across different scales that control the distribution of the Red-headed Woodpecker in Ontario. Her project is co-directed by Joe Nocera of Trent University

Keomany Ker, PhD candidate

Keo works on plant-growth promoting, nitrogen-fixing rhizosphere bacteria on Switchgrass with the aim of improving biofuel production systems. Keo’s  project is co-supervised by Don Smith of the Plant Science Department.

Kristen Whitbeck, PhD candidate

Kristen works on the factors that control the distribution of trembling aspen in landscapes near the northern limit of its range east of James Bay, Quebec

Kelly Bona, PhD candidate

Kelly works on carbon dynamics of peaty boreal forests. The goal of her work to model the role of mosses in these poorly drained forests as a set toward improving the Canadian Forest Sector Carbon Budget Model