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Heather Milligan

MSc McGill University (2008)

Occupied Position:
Contractual, Yukon Environment

MSc Research

Aquatic and Terrestrial Foraging by a subarctic herbivore: the beaver

MSc Thesis

MSc Publications

  • Milligan, H.E., M.M. Humphries. 2010. The importance of aquatic vegetation in beaver diets and the seasonal and habitat specificity of aquatic-terrestrial ecosystem linkages in a subarctic environment. Oikos, 119:1877–1886.

  • Milligan, H.E.,T.D. Pretzlaw and M.M. Humphries. 2010. Stable Isotope Differentiation of Freshwater and Terrestrial Vascular Plants in Two Subarctic Regions . Ecoscience, 17(3):265-275.

MSc Presentations

  • Milligan, HE and MM Humphries. 2007. Freshwater and terrestrial foraging by beavers revealed with stable isotope analysis. ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting. Collingwood, Ontario.

  • Milligan, HE. 2007. A journey studying wildlife with Wemindji Cree while paddling the Maatuskaau River. Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies Student Conference. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  • Milligan, HE, Scott, C, Stewart, H and ML Milligan. 2007. A plunge into the Paakumshumwaau-Wemindji Cree Marine Protected Area Project. Oceans Management Research Network National Conference. Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Milligan, HE and MM Humphries. 2007. Les aliments aquatiques et terrestres des castor sont identifiées par l’analyse des isotopes stables. Congrès de la Socièté Québecoise pour l’Étude Biologique du Comportement. Québec, Québec.

  • Milligan, HE and MM Humphries. 2007. Talking Ecology: What ecologists and Cree hunters talk about in the field. ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting. Collingwood, Ontario

  • Milligan, HE, and MM Humphries. 2007. Aquatic and Terrestrial Foraging by Beavers Revealed with Stable Isotope Analysis. McGill University Biology Graduate Student Symposium. Montreal, Quebec.

  • Milligan, HE, and MM Humphries. 2007. Which Land and Water Plants do Beavers Eat in Iyiyuuschii? Paakumshumwaau-Wemindji Protected Area Project Community Outreach. Wemindji, Quebec.

Heather sampling vegetation along the Paakumshumwaau River.

Edible representation of thesis by Marcoux & Woods (2009).

Beaver Team 2007 (Stacy Matches, Hugo Kitching, Jason Samson, Heather Milligan, Marina Milligan, Kimberly Matches, Brianna Linklater-Georgekish)

Beaver Research Team on the Paakumshumwaau River summer of 2006 (Nick Mirotchnick, Jason Samson, Hugo Kitching)

Summer gathering on Paakumshumwaau Island

Jelly fish from Wemindji

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