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Research Equipment

Mobile Energetics Laboratory (MEL)

MEL and Ruby (our 2005 Silverado pickup) allow us to bring a whole flow-through respirometry lab to remote field locations while accomodating up to 4 researchers.
MEL Yukon
MEL and Ruby roaming in the Yukon
MEL in use
Early MEL's respirometry equipment
Outside view
Current MEL's respirometry equipment
Outside view
Red squirrel in MEL's respirometry chamber
Lab space
Living space in MEL (kitchen)
Lab space
Living space in MEL (bunk beds)

Immobile Energetics Laboratory

This lab is an immobile version of MEL's flow-through respirometry system and allows us to measure energy expenditure of wild small mammals from nearby study sites.
Outside view
The barn in which Vincent Careau set-up and used the Immobile Respirometry Lab with eastern chipmunks.

Radio-Telemetry System

This field system, including antennas, cables, Lotek receivers, batteries, and solar panels, receives and records signals emitted from temperature-sensitive radio-transmitters fitted on eastern chipmunks. This allows us to track activity patterns in the summer and torpor expression in the winter.
Outside view
Winter download and maintenance are hard work. Patrice Bourgault adjusting solar panels.

Captive Wildlife Facility

This facility, allowing us to combine field and captive approaches in our research on energetics and ecophysiology, is located on Macdonald campus, and is now operational, hosting eastern chipmunks during the hibernation period. Our design tries to encourage natural behaviours by providing chipmunks with a "burrow" cage (see picture below) within a controlled environmental chamber with temperatures set to follow natural variation in soil temperature over the winter and a "foraging" cage at outside air temperatures where food and water is provided.
Outside view
Amy Thompson taking samples in the environmental chamber

Backup Camper

Camper on truck

Ski-Doo Touring LE

Yamaha Bravo


Inflatable Canoes


Packable Field Camp

Snowmobile Snowmobile

Snowmobile Snowmobile

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