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Jeremy Brammer

Ph.D. Candidate McGill University (started 09/2009)
B.Sc. University of Ottawa 2009

NRS Lab: 3-051 Macdonald-Stewart Building
NRS Tel: (514) 398-7890
NRS Fax: (514) 398-7990

CINE Lab: B-5


PhD Research

Integrating Knowledge Systems: Tools and Techniques for the Study of a Changing Arctic

Northern Canada is warming much faster than the global average. Understanding the impacts of this warming is challenged by a relative lack of scientific monitoring across this vast region. Local communities, on the other hand, are regularly monitoring their environment by virtue of spending time on the land. But there is often a barrier inhibiting the communication of this local knowledge and knowledge generated by research and management agencies. I am interested in overcoming these barriers and integrating these knowledge sources to generate a better understanding of our northern environment. In particular, I am engaged in:

Hopefully, this work will demonstrate some tools for the toolboxes of northern researchers, resource managers and communities that will facilitate a better understanding of our changing northern environment

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Created: December 2011
Last Updated: January 2014