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2013-14 Lab Photo
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"A lab lacking consensus"

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Current Graduate Students
Mélanie-Louise Leblanc (PhD)
Emily Studd (PhD)
Jeremy Brammer (PhD)
Xavier Giroux-Bougard (MSc)
Sébastien Lemieux (PhD; V Lesage, MPO)

Former Graduate Students
Nicolas Brunet (PhD; G Hickey, McGill)
Marianne Gagnon (MSc)
Paul Jensen (PhD)
Amy Thompson (MSc)
Devan Archibald (MSc)
Jason Samson (PhD)
Quinn Fletcher (PhD)
Marianne Marcoux (PhD)
Vincent Careau (PhD; D Thomas, Shrebrooke)
Meghan Larivee (MSc; S Boutin, Alberta)
Elad Ben-Ezra (MSc)
Heather Milligan (MSc)
Sarah Woods (MSc)
Manuelle Landry-Cuerrier (MSc)
Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (PhD; D Berteaux, UQAR)
Sonja Ostertag (MSc; L Chan, McGill)
Troy Pretzlaw (MSc)
Stacey Jarema (MSc)
Tricia Kerr (MSc)
April Kinghorn (MSc; L Chan, McGill)

Research Coordinator
Manuelle Landry-Cuerrier

Former Research Associate
Guillaume Larocque

Involved Undergraduate Students and Assistants
Jessica Adams
Édouard Belanger
Lisa Bidinosti
Anne-Sophie Caron
Megan Chan
Jeanne Clermont Beaudoin
Luke Currin
Karine Duffy
Catherine Doucet
Amanda Droghini
Maura Forrest
Sabrina Gignac-Brassard
Christina Guillemette
Gabrielle Guitard
Myriam Haineault
Lacey Hebert
Elise Holmes
Nicolas Houde
Munib Khanyari
Maya Longpré
Naomi Louchouarn
Lynley Meg
Ana Morales
Rosalie Nichol
Anahi Quinones
Pia Ricca
Alec Robitaille
Anna-Maria Solecki
Anna Swick-Coryell
Simon Tardif
Mieke Van der Heyde

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