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Quinn Fletcher

Ph.D. McGill University (2011)

Occupied Position:
Post-Doc, University of Aberdeen (2012)

PhD Research

Life-history tradeoffs of energy expenditure in red squirrels

PhD Publications

  • Fletcher, Q.E., C. Selman, S. Boutin, A.G. McAdam, S. Woods, A. Seo, C. Leeuwenburgh, R. Sinclair, J.R. Speakman, M.M. Humphries. 2013. Oxidative damage increases with reproductive energy expenditure and is reduced by food-supplementation. Evolution, 67:1527-1536.

  • Fletcher, Q.E., J.R. Speakman, S. Boutin, A.G. McAdam, S.B. Woods, M.M. Humphries. 2012. Seasonal stage differences overwhelm environmental and individual factors as determinants of energy expenditure in free-ranging red squirrels. Functional Ecology, 26:677-687.

  • Dantzer, B., R. Palme, Q.E. Fletcher, A.G. McAdam, S. Boutin, M.M. Humphries, R. Boonstra. 2010. Fecal cortisol metabolite levels in free-ranging North American red squirrels: assay validation and the effects of reproductive condition. General and Comparative Endrocrinology, 167:279-86.

  • Fletcher, Q.E., S. Boutin, J.E. Lane, J.M. LaMontagne, A.G. McAdam, C.J. Krebs, M.M. Humphries. 2010. The functional response of a hoarding seed predator to mast seeding. Ecology, 91(9):2673-83.

  • Guillemette, C.U., Q.E. Fletcher, S. Boutin, R.M. Hodges, A.G. McAdam, M.M. Humphries. 2009. Lactating red squirrels experiencing high heat load occupy less insulated nests. Biology Letters, 5:166-168.

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